“Any city that has a wind turbine in the middle of it has to be good”

Bill Clinton –

WindShare’s urban wind turbine elevated Toronto’s image in the global stage. The pioneering project became a reference point for other world class cities focused on sustainability. The project would go on to inspire a transition to renewable energy sources in Ontario that ultimately resulted in the elimination of smog days in Toronto once and for all.


In 1987 the Energy Action Council of Toronto hosted a seminar where a speaker from Ontario Hydro introduced the first commercial wind turbine in Tiverton, Ontario. However, speaking fondly of the European approach of building community wind projects, there was a desire expressed to duplicate that enthusiasm here in Canada.

That was when Greg Allen stood up from the audience and said “Well let’s do it!”… and the idea for WindShare was born!

It took another decade for all the pieces of the project to come together owing to the efforts of the founders as well as City Councilor Jack Layton.

Finally, in 2002 the newly formed WindShare Cooperative took root and sold out its initial public offering in less than a week.

With close to 600 members, made up of individual community members and several businesses, WindShare’s evolution demonstrated the Canadian commitment to our environment and that our community is ready to work together for a better energy future.

Greg Allen – Founding Member


If you are like most Canadians, you support clean renewable power solutions. However, like most Canadians, you may not have practical options to participate in renewable energy projects. We believe this has to change!
That change begins now with our new vision of

Net Zero Communities!

In January 2020, the members at WindShare voted for a new vision to leverage the ExPlace Wind Turbine Project to lead the evolution of community power projects. Our new vision centers around making renewable energy practical for all consumers. This vision led to our new goal of building a project using multiple forms of renewable generation with energy storage as well. We plan to showcase how these new hybrid projects can power communities everywhere. We want to unlock opportunities for net zero homes and businesses and powering electrification of transport.

We are excited, and if you believe in our vision, please consider showing your support by signing up below!


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    The Board of Directors at WindShare have over 75 years of combined wind industry experience and represent more than 10 different fields of expertise. They are a dedicated and passionate team focused on leading WindShare’s new vision to enable the next generation of community power projects.

    <b>Dianne Young
    Dianne YoungDirector
    <b>Michael Morgenroth
    Michael MorgenrothDirector
    <b>Karl Pereira
    Karl PereiraDirector
    <b>Stewart Russell
    Stewart RussellDirector
    <b>Amina Kherbouche
    Amina KherboucheDirector
    <b>Wesley Normington
    Wesley NormingtonSecretary
    <b>Hassan Shahriar
    Hassan ShahriarPresident